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The Journey Begins at Vail Mountain
Unlocking The Idea
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Vail Mountain is the first destination in the Vail Resorts family to unfold Epic Discovery, a new summer mountain adventure experience.

We are re-imagining how families can experience all that the Mountain has to offer, and help build an appreciation for activities and scenery that can only be enjoyed in the summer. We're creating family and eco-friendly ideas from Adventure Ridge, to Game Creek Bowl and down to Mid-Vail. With an environment as stunningly beautiful and rich as ours, inspiration is easy to find.

An experience of a lifetime only Vail can deliver.

Map of Vail Mountain

Pending USFS Approval

Nature at Vail Resort

We’re proud to have partnered with The Nature Conservancy, the leading conservation non-profit organization, to help us bring scientific content to the educational and discovery experiences found on Vail Mountain.

With this partnership, we’re excited about the opportunity to help bring more families into our national forests and inspiring them to learn more about their natural surroundings.

Pending USFS Approval

In all things of Nature there is something of the marvelous.


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Discover the best that nature has to offer from a place that stands high above ordinary, where golden eagles soar, where every breath is met with cool fresh air, and inspiration replenishes your soul. A place where the breathtaking views of alpine forests and wildflowers paint your canvas and recharge your spirit.

Welcome to Game Creek Deck and Lookout Tower™. A panoramic viewing balcony nestled within the most awe-inspiring natural scenery in the world.

A place that truly puts everything in perspective.

Illustration of Zipline at Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

Vail Nature for all Generations
Boy with Microscope at Vail Resort

Found in multiple locations around the Mountain, the Interpretive Discovery Zones are immersive learning experiences for the whole family. As you bike, hike and climb together, you can learn about the local flora and fauna, directly in their actual location.

We're working with The Nature Conservancy to place these Interpretive Discovery Zones across the mountain to enrich every adventure experience for your entire family.

Imagine learning about a ground squirrel's habitat, while walking under the very same trees. Who knew that a simple hike or ride could nurture a life-long appreciation for the Mountain and its wildlife?

Illustration of Discover Zones at Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller

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Child by a stream at Vail Resort

An adventure through the forest, and the opportunity to explore things both seen and unseen – this is where personal connections to the Mountain are developed, where the line between play and learning is blurred.

An excursion above the trees, where ideas are cultivated, curiosity piqued and interest explored. Where empathy for the world around is realized.

A thrilling descent from the summit ridge, where fascination is stirred, senses tingled and excitement driven. Where a meaningful sense of respect and appreciation are revealed.

Learning through play. An enriched adventure.

Pending USFS Approval

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The Alpine Coaster at Vail Resort

Accelerate down the Mountain through a 2,500-foot vertical descent, embraced by gravity and momentum with every twist, dive, dip and turn.

Chase the wind as the bottom draws nearer. Through each rounded corner, the Mountain expanse unfolds in a blur of trees, rocks and wildlife.

The Forest Flyer™ alpine adventure awakens the senses and leaves you begging for just one more go.

It's a whole new way to ride the mountain.

Map of proposed Forest Flyer at Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

Kids holding innertubes at Vail Resort

Feel the glide of the mountain with a new take on the mountain tubing adventure. The curve as the bend approaches, the slow drop, the rapid descent – the anticipation of every bump and turn as momentum builds through the picture-perfect mountain-scape.

Absorb the atmosphere and soak up the scenery on an action-packed tube ride down a waterless track that feels just like our winter tubing on snow.

Map of innertubing at Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

Icon of a Coaster for Vail Resort
A Vision We Achieve Together at Vail
Tourbus overlooking mountains at Vail Resort

Take an adventure and enjoy Vail's legendary views in a vehicle just as iconic: an off-roading SUV. Our 45-minute Top of the Mountain Tour brings you the best views of the alpine summer. The 11-mile drive takes you through stunning views of our celebrated Back Bowls, the Gore Range and Mont of the Holy Cross. With the wind in your hair and a knowledgeable guide at the wheel you'll think to yourself, "Now this is a Sunday drive."

Pending USFS Approval

Child holding plant at Vail Resort

Together, we are creating eco-discovery experiences at Vail to promote education and awareness of our unique environment. Interpretive Discovery Zones will be seamlessly integrated at trails and activities throughout the Mountain, where USFS Forest Rangers will share their knowledge and passion about the Mountain and its animals with our guests.

Vail Resorts has also created a new program called "1% for the Forest," where we will contribute 1 percent of all summer activity revenue to The Nature Conservancy for forest health restoration projects out West.

Here's to partnering for something big:
the forest.

Pending USFS Approval

Boy in Vail Resort Forest

Somewhere between the earth and sky, where the air is cool and pure, and nature is painted by a lush green landscape – there's a place where squeals of delight echo through the trees.

It's a place where treetops inspire goose bumps. Where thickly forested slopes are explored at high speeds, turn by swooshing turn. Where horseback riding, zip lining, and canopy tours turn nature into a living, breathing textbook. A place where trailheads beckon the entire family to explore.

Welcome to Epic Discovery. A new experience where adventure, education and nature balance and elevate one another. Discover a whole new side of the Mountain your family can explore time and time again.

Pending USFS Approval

Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.

Aldo Leopold

Icon of a Child with arms outstreched for Vail Resort
Boy in Vail Resort Forest
  • Vail Resorts is first to submit comprehensive new summer activities plan to U.S. Forest Service under new legislation.
  • Epic Discovery at Vail Mountain to encourage "learn through play", promoting environmental education and forest stewardship with numerous activities across the mountain.
  • Vail Resorts to work with the Nature Conservancy on environmental education experiences for guests and will contribute 1% of summer lift ticket and activity revenue towards restoration projects.

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - July 19, 2012 - Vail Resorts, Inc. (NYSE: MTN) announced that the Company has submitted a proposal to the U.S. Forest Service for a comprehensive summer activities plan at Vail Mountain, the largest ski resort in the United States.

Vail's summer activity effort, names Epic Discovery, a Summer Mountain Adventure, will encourage "learn through play" by featuring extensive environmental educational elements interspersed between numerous fun activities located in already developed areas of the mountain. Vail Resorts will work with The Nature Conservancy to bring scientific content to the eco-discovery experiences and will be contributing 1 percent of all summer lift ticket and activity revenue toward forest restoration projects. This substantial initiative marks the first proposal of its kind in the country following passage last fall of the Ski Area Recreational Opportunities Enhancement Act, championed by U.S. Senator Mark Udall of Colorado.

1% for the Forest at Vail
Child on rockclimbing wall at Vail Resort

If you've ever scaled a wall, you'll know the feeling. Pulling deep within to find that last inch of strength in you to reach a little higher, stretch a little further. And it's all worth it when you make it to the top and are rewarded for your efforts with spectacular views of the Gore Range and Mt Holy Cross.

At our world-class climbing wall and boulder area, you'll pit yourself against nature with climbs for both beginners and experts, from single to multi-pitch routes.

Test your mental and physical balance and tenacity. And when you're finished, you'll wonder how those Bighorn sheep make it look so easy.

Illustration of Rock climbing at Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

The mountains are calling and I must go.

John Muir

Icon of a person rockclimbing at Vail Resort
Kids ziplining at Vail Resort

Set your sights on the treetops as you scale the Aerial Ropes Course. You'll work with your family and friends to complete a series of physical and mental challenges that will leave you breathless.

Explore three different levels of difficulty, with some courses swinging 30 feet above the ground. Our advice? You'll need teamwork, balance, concentration and a little bit of cunning. You'd be surprised how a rope suspended just six inches off the ground could have Dad shaking at the knees.

Gives "interactive learning" an entirely new twist.

Map of Aerial Ropes Course at Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

Mountains can bounce at Vail Resorts
Person ziplining at Vail Resort

Our zipline tour is a whole new way to see the Mountain from a bird's eye view. Grab the handles and hold on tight as you zig between peaks and zag over valleys.

You'll breeze over the Mountain and through the forest on an array of ziplines and aerial bridges. Choose your own adventure, either through Game Creek Bowl or the Gore Range. Experienced guides will not only help you navigate the course, they'll teach you about the local flora and fauna. Finish your tour on a high note with food, drinks and spectacular views.

Map of Zipline course at Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

Father and Son by Stream at Vail Resort

Our new Summer experience is designed to enable others to forge a closer connection to the place we cherish most—the Mountains.

We envision a place where families and friends will be inspired by the majesty, history and intrinsic value of our forests. Where our guests are immersed in exciting and rewarding new experiences. Where people of all ages and walks of life come to discover something memorable about this place and themselves – where they leave with memories that last a lifetime.

Welcome to Epic Discovery on the Mountains of Vail Resorts. A whole new way to discover summer.

Pending USFS Approval

Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.

Vernon Howard

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Boy holding open hands at Vail Resort

Welcome to nature's theme park, where the sights and sounds are constantly evolving and kids learn to love the outdoors through play. We are creating a space where you can pass down your love for adventure and the outdoors to your little ones. The Kids' Zone at Vail Mountain features:

The Kids' Adventure Ridge. A zipline built specifically with little ones in mind. Perched at a lower height, this area features a ropes course and bridge section for your children to hop, dodge, outsmart and conquer. Did we mention it's all connected by the kid-sized zipline? Talk about a space as versatile and imaginative as the kids themselves.

Children's Forest Adventure Park. A fun, playful course that takes kids' mental acuity and physical activity to the next level. Children can spend up to an hour exploring this multi-stage challenge course, unlike standard 15-minute courses. More challenges means a bigger reward at the finish.

Kids Zone map of Vail Resort

Pending USFS Approval

Person ziplining at Vail Resort

You're 50-feet above ground, gliding at 45-mph. At this height and speed, the treetops are all a blur. You look to the left and Dad's trailing behind you. Quick! Put those arms closer to your body to surge further ahead.

With our Free Fall experience, you can ride on a zipline solo or race against family members and friends. We will feature four ziplines set up side by side, so that your ride down the Mountain is four times as fun.

Pending USFS Approval

Icon of a person ziplining for Vail Resort
Image of Leaves in the Foreground from Vail Resort Image of Leaves in the Foreground from Vail Resort